The LiFT Camps - The Child Development Centre

We are in the middle of our summer LiFT programme here in the Galway centre. Our last LiFt programme in Dublin for the summer is almost finished.  All the children are doing very well.  We are looking forward to starting a new LiFT programme in Cork beginning September 29th 2014.  Please tell family and friends  in the Cork area.

Up Coming LiFT group dates:

Dublin – LiFT Dates for Summer/Autumn/Winter 2014

Monday June 30th – July 18th, 2014.

Monday September 8th – Friday September 26th 2014

Monday November 10th – Friday November 28th 2014

Galway – LiFT Dates for Summer/Autumn/Winter 2014

Monday June 23rd – Friday July 11th, 2014.

Tuesday August 5th – Friday August 22nd, 2014

Monday September 29th – Friday October 17th 2014

Monday December 1st – Friday December 18th 2014

Cork – LiFT Autumn/Winter dates 2014

Monday September 29th – Friday October 17th 2014

Monday November 24th – Friday December 12th 2014

New Member of the Team

Dee-Hogan -The Child Development Centre

Dee Hogan: Behaviour and Education Integrated Specialist

Dee is a qualified Montessori teacher with a Master’s Degree in Special Education Autism from the University of Birmingham, she also holds qualification in Functional Behaviour Analysis, Incredible Years, DIR Floortime, PECS, Social Skills Tutor, Counselling, Psychology, Neuro-Development training, IT and Management.  She is available for consultations and can be contacted on 087 2232029.

Launching new Therapeutic Listening International Skype Consultations

If you are living abroad or if you find it too difficult to travel to our centres in Galway, Cork or Dublin we can now offer you Therapeutic Listening programmes via Skype consultations.  We will schedule regular sessions with your child where we can carry out assessments and monitor their progress all in the comfort of your own home. Please spread the word!

Music download update:

Samonas music: Samonas is now only available by download on the following apple devices: iPhone, iTouch, iPad. To check if your device is compatible with Samona’s software please follow the link on the mobile browser of the device. i.e. Safari or Chrome: and click “INSTALL APP” in order to update the Samonas application.